Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mucking about in the water

 After a very quick 40 miles with RKR the rest of the day was spent mucking about and ignoring the jobs list. Critters got fed and watered, walked, fussed and shouted at depending on what they were up to at the time.
 A family walk to the river exposed rug rat MkII to the mad antics of some of the clan, heres Ripley at mach 1 about to exit the river. Bear managed to avoid falling in, unlike the last time
 and Ritchie "jumped" in and came out smelling less of dead things and more of wet dead things.
 But it kept us entertained until home time when the fun and frolics ended
thanks to a technical hitch with a tagger that was making a pigs ear out of a simple job. Why I should be surprised that there is a last minute glitch is a surprise in itself. I am sure it will all sort out by tomorrow morning.

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