Monday, 30 September 2013

Victoriam Equis

 I covered a lot of miles today. Some were fun, running through the ancient woodlands in bright morning sunshine with some of the Dolyhir Clan.
The majority were the total opposite, over the ridge in foul weather stalking two very naughty ponies who had done what is now known as a Trevor, in other words legged it. I had made the rash pledge not to return to HQ until I had captured them. Had I turned left on the ridgeline I might have shortened my search by 4 miles, instead having previously stalked the shitland to a regular meeting place for the wild ponies I turned right and spent a pointless hour wandering the wilderness in places devoid of horse. Retracing my steps I eventually found Will.I.Am and Apollo dawdling behind the wild bunch and my luck held as Will.I.Am stood and let me get a head collar and rope on him and head home. Apollo watched his amigo head home and thought better of a life alone and so cantered after us getting back in time for a bucket of apples and a few sharp words in their shell likes about future behaviour.

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