Friday, 13 September 2013

All to no a flail

 I had a conversation the other day along the lines of do you ever get any punctures in your lane. Not recently was the honest reply, and having just fitted Gatorskin tyres (kevlar reinforced not real Gator skin) and slime filled self healing tubes I am pretty safe from a big let down while in the saddle. Good was the reaction to my reply as the flail trimmers coming back in the next few days to chop the hedges back but don't worry its got on of them new things that blows the road clean, you'll be alright.
Which explains why this morning instead of my bike carrying me I was seen carrying it as the scourge of modern cycling, the flail trimmer, with its new fangled blower had been doing its job. Good job the blower was fitted otherwise the road would have been in a right state!

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Andy_in_Germany said...

Aarg. the curse of the hedge trimmer. Thankfully we don't tend to have hedges here, and those we do have aren't thorny.
By the way, bike shops hate dealing with punctures where the driver used slime: it makes a foul mess of the inner tube...