Saturday, 23 June 2012

Another Close shave

We seem to have a glitch in the matrix which is why yesterdays post take 5 disappeared. Today's is having similar trouble, this being the 3rd attempt to publish. Must be the weather. It being another glorious summers day (rain, wind, more rain) it was time to transform our sheep from these woolly cuddly flockers to shaven walking wounded with the aid of mechanical shears.
So while the lambs played King of the Castle on the mound of gravel that still waits to be moved
yours truly got down and dirty with the woolly backs and
made a great job of shearing the sheep. Those who may have followed the blog for a while only need to refer back to the shocking photo of the first attempt at shearing when Rita ended up looking like a traumatised foam cushion filling (see previous summers in blog for pics) to appreciate the difference proper electric shears makes to shearing than a set of kitchen scissors and a pint of beer as refreshment. So for a change all the sheep looked pretty good once done, not too many scars form this encounter.
 Actually I had a bit of help in this truly back breaking task (lets not talk about how my arms wanted to drop off as well, or how long it took to actually stand up straight after finishing shearing) Rocky was watching closely at all  times
and I had Pritch help me with the tricky bits. Which as it turned out was all the other sheep apart from the one I chose to shear. Why I chose a first time shearing ram to cut my teeth on is another question.
So thanks to Pritch we now have a large amount of wool and sixteen shorn sheep, some of which are being sold tomorrow. All for a "free" lunch as he donated his fee to the BBMC.

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