Friday, 8 June 2012

Another day older

 Half Six. Ponder weather, and the task ahead, move 16 tons of gravel making some sort of path arrangement in the garden.
 Naturally I had an audience.
 But by 9 am the first section was laid. Breakfast.
 Midday second bit done, making progress. Have to stop to sort critters. Torrential rain making it so much fun.
 12.45 think better get ready to go to office. Then two ton of bark chips arrives and blocks car in.
 1.45 all moved to play area, quick change and off to meeting only slightly late.
6pm back to it. Main bit done. Steps to go. Stop to fill Rabbit World with gravel, this takes 56 buckets full. Stop when arms drop off. More of same tomorrow!
Anyone get the Johhny Cash reference in the title?


mitch said...

16 tons and what do you get?

Your arms get longer and your head gets wet. Yes, that must be it.

Tony said...