Sunday, 24 June 2012

Blink and you'll miss it!

 Summer returned to Rock HQ for a few hours, in other words there was a gap in the rain. Main task of the day was to transport three Ryelands and two lambs to another smallholding where they have 10 acres of grass and spare cash to buy our sheep. Usually the yard is a sea of wool and fresh deposits from assorted woolly backsides, today the silence of the lambs was noted as I tucked into my full cooked English. They, perhaps sensing something was afoot, or more likely, still got the hump from being manhandled yesterday, demonstrated their annoyance by absenting them self from breakfast. This meant that yours truly full of his own breakfast had to make the trek around the Bonsai Mountain giving the universal sheep summonsing call of "Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrmmon!" and after a sweaty hour or so plodding along in the sea of green shaking the magic blue bucket (it has allure) made it back to HQ with all the little flockers in tow. They having forgiven me for yesterdays bad manners then immediately got the hump again and legged it (after breakfast though) as they could see (or rather they couldn't see) that several of their number were disappeared. Soon Pedro, Maude, Bonny, and the lambs Woolly and Tigg were spirited away to another sea of green where they frolicked in meadow grass rather than the mountain scrub they are used to. Their new owner asked what they should be fed, they already demolishing several types of grass and clovers made it clear what they were interested in and given the acreage available to them I told him that I was pretty sure they would not need supplementary feeds.
Now this chap, lets call him Steve, was a very interesting man, a former zoo keeper, now keeps bees. So I was given a tour of hives, got to fondle wax comb, saw the extractor and other paraphernalia associated with getting stung. By the time I got home my beautiful and oh so patient wife was ready to call the police to report a missing idiot.
 Afternoon was spent mucking animals out and watching lagomorphs (non rodents) in the newly constructed World of Rabbits.
 Biped were no the only ones fascinated by the long eared creatures antics.
 Some creatures took full advantage the mucking out process by trimming the hedges.
Another benefit of goat free zones, flowers! Well one anyway. Its a start.

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