Thursday, 14 June 2012

TB or not TB, that is the question.....

 Our friends the vets have been back to Rock HQ, this time for our annual TB test on the mad cow Hetty and her giant offspring Kobe. Someone who was organised would have this entry illustrated with pictures of both beasts so instead here are some pictures of everything but. Two days ago our favourite vet stick a sharp pointy object into Hetty's neck and today was the day to see if she reacted in any other way than by trying to kill all humans in her pen jabbing her with needles.
 Thankfully both bovines were non reactors (non nuclear cows), meaning both were free of TB, which means we can now sell them. Yes we have made that decision, Kobe, the much awaited calf, the happy but expensive accident is just too cute to consider turning into burgers, by us anyway, and Hetty's desire to re-enact the whole saga means that instead of a helpful housecow we have a sex starved maniac who spends her life plotting liaisons with beef. The milk we had planned her to give us goes into Kobe, we get ours from two agoraphobic goats, so the logical conclusion has to be that she goes. Soon.
 Paul also boosted the Berners, each one had a jab for various doggy diseases, Reuben made a complete arse of himself and cried like a baby. Bliss was also checked over and again she is not in pup, not sure why, either Reuben is a Jaffa or Bliss is not trying hard enough.
The weather turned funny again, the wind has picked up and its raining. Hard. Again. British summer, best in the world.

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Fizz said...

I've had the same problem, no puppies :( And late for this season so mummy's going to take me to the vets to see what's up.