Friday, 15 June 2012

Seems like a funghi

 The weathers been mental, and thanks to incredibly bad timing I got drowned along with 4 of the Dolyhir Clan when, had I left it 10 minutes, we could have completed our evening sojourn dry.

The extra moist humid conditions have caused us to break out all fungal, finding this amazing example by the Oracles abode.

Question is, can I eat it? Or rather can I eat it without getting effects similar to LSD, laxatives or sudden death.

We are down some more pork today, 2 more Berkalitzas went to forever homes, well, forever lasting until first week in November when they go to the celestial sty. Mind you the way the family we oooing and aaaahing over the trainee bacon it wouldn't surprise me if there was a reprieve!

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