Saturday, 16 June 2012

Up periscope!

 Now at first glance this might look like a grown man playing with his sons toys re enacting famous (or infamous depending which side of the fence you are) Naval engagements, it is, however a serious comment on the topic currently preoccupying most conversation at Rock HQ.
The weather.
 7pm Thursday evening this large green plastic paddling pool/sand pit was empty. Bone dry. Just a bit of dirt to break up the field of green plastic. A tribute to the petrochemical toy industry lay by the front door of the cottage. The Blue Plastic Trawler marooned on a dry green bed.
7pm Thursday it began to rain.
 This is the state of play 9am Saturday morning. The Blue Plastic Trawler is floating quite happily in its own private marina with some three inches of water below its keel. And still it rained. So hard in fact that the local town carnival was cancelled. We had already taken the decision that the Red Kite Fostering stand was going to get soggy, and that that didn't risked being blown away in the gale so we baled out Friday afternoon despite the kind offer of placing us underneath a tree.
 So all that hard work on floats, costumes, fund raising, all washed out.
 And still it rained. So hard that Apollo stood under the eaves of the stable with his head indoors, at least part of him was keeping dry. The sheep, most of them anyway, gathered around the front door, hoping for a lapse in concentration on the part of yours truly so they could rush into the conservatory and evict dogs and humans. Yours truly sensed their cunning plan and was extra vigilant and so shut doors behind him for a change. He did lock himself out for a while but eventually his whimpering was heard above the bleats of the sheep who were mocking him and his beautiful and oh so patient wife let him in.
And so we come to the end of the day, a day where nothing got done, well a couple of dogs got brushed (once cornered) and I got play with some Lego that was a Christmas present and was found once the bad weather meant I was forced to tidy my desk.
Theres now over 4 inches of water in the toy ocean.
And its still raining.

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