Sunday, 8 March 2009

We'll weather the weather...

....whatever the weather...

......whether we like it or not!

Its been a mixed bag today! It made feeding the animals all the more interesting! Life would be boring if it was sunny, there would be no mud to slip over in, no bottomless mud pools waiting to claim the unwary wellington, no stinking stagnant ditches brimful of festering foulness that the dogs just have to wade through before rushing back indoors to dry off on the sofa.

I mean if it was sunny the pigs might be outside rather than wandering around the barn aimlessly nosing around, moving old tyres that contain their feed buckets until that got boring and they found the huge 6 inch oak beam, the type that is key to the ramshackle building being able to continue to carry on defying the forces of gravity, the beam that was buried several feet into the floor of the building. I say was as its now swinging precariously, hanging by an assortment of ancient rusty nine inch nails that fasten it to the roof support, as the dear little pigs have found that they could dig down and around it and move the whole internal wall one foot to the left. What they thought they were trying to achieve is lost on the casual observer, perhaps a better quality dirt to roll in, however the damage is done and had it not been for the fact that yours truly "refurbished" the falling down outbuilding when we first arrived which luckily involved building a substantial door frame that now finds itself holding the door as well as a substantial portion of the roof.

If it was sunny I wouldn't mind the fact that Easter, one of our Ryelands, resolutely refuses to take shelter with all the other sheep in the goat houses and is currently lay on the compost heap in the pouring rain showing every sign that this. for her, is the most suitable place to give birth.

Life's so much more interesting with our weather, don't you think!

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