Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tools for the job!

Things around Rock HQ are usually dual purpose or multi function. I was reminded of this when I met a colleague today who has bought a brand new bright yellow shiney convertible two seater. There was a time when I had a very smart motor, that retained its new car smell for most of the time I had it. It was regularly put through the most expensive car wash and everyso often the interior was deep cleaned.

Times change.

Compare that to Rene, our much loved much abused Rx4 pictured above,this poor vehicle regularly smells like a dead badger, is never cleaned or cleaned out. It is multifunctional as it used as a people carrier for our trips to and from work, a cargo van for feed delivery, an animal transporter, a refuse truck, an animal ambulance, a towing truck, a first aid kit, as well as doubling up as a a step ladder and work bench. I get some very strange looks as I turn up for work and climb out of a car that's dropping mud, hay and animal offerings across the car park.

But multi functionalism doesn't stop there, take the bog standard hammer, used to knock in nails and staples, but also stretch wire, as an arm extension, a grabber, a door stop, a tape measure, ruler, light switcher, screwdriver..................
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