Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Express Delivery

Tonight amongst all the jobs, taking the Technohermit his dinner and showing the Stable Sprite the selection of puppies, Tracey and I found time to give Rosie a helping hand and deliver Joan our latest Ryeland lamb. Rosie was having a spot of bother squeezing Joan out as she was the wrong way around and stuck. Hanging out was one hoof and a bit of tail. Poor Rosie had to put up with the indignity of me fishing around inside her pushing limbs into the right order so she could drop Joan on the straw.
Joan is bigger than Levi(short for Leviathan) and a very different colour to Mum and Dad. Rosie hasn't strayed, Crispen, the Dad, carries the coloured gene, so Jet is his and going to be good company for Ebony, our other coloured Ryeland.
We are getting a steady stream of visitors to view the new arrivals, when they are as cute as these two its hardly surprising! The Stable Sprite called today and managed to turn his gleaming white chariot around in the yard without demolishing the feed store and breaking any more rear lights.

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