Saturday, 14 March 2009

Not a happy ending

I decided to put this nice picture of Apollo on today's episode to distract me from the sad event of the day. Its been a productive day, Tracey and I worked most of the day on the chicken run, its not the neatest but its seven foot high all round and looks secure enough so hopefully will deter the fox. We are also going to put some aeriel wires over the top as we are not convinced that the ever growing numbers of birds of prey are not helping themselves to a nice chicken dinner when the mood takes them. A few old heavy metal Cd's hanging from the wires might baffle the hovering Red Kites or Buzzards until they spot an easier meal. Tomorrow we are collecting 20 hens, which given the price must lay golden eggs so this is an investment we need to protect as they are to feed us not the local wildlife.
Actually as I sit and type this my throbbing shin reminds me that I should get the ice pack out. I had one of "those" moments that only I seem to have and seem to have them with monotonous regularity. Hitting a fence post with the sledge hammer all was well until the post split down the middle allowing the 17 pound hammer to continue its arc until it impacted with my right shin. Only for the fact it glanced off a bale of straw and slowed down a tad was I saved from serious injury. Tracey watched with interest as I leapt around the chicken run having missed seeing the hammer blow. Between leaps and bounds I managed to explain through clenched teeth enough of what happened to satisfy her that I didn't need sectioning under the mental health act, hadn't taken up Morris Dancing and was in fact just being a baby.
I am not the only one with a sore leg, Trevor the Pocket Rocket is temporarily grounded as he has strained his front leg, much to his annoyance he is back in the slammer until he mends. Geisha has also joined in with the oooh my poor leg games at Rock HQ and has sat in the goat house with the return of her foot rot so she has been dosed with anti biotic and had her feet washed in anti septic.
But all of this is not what is sad about Rock HQ today. Today we saw Midas had got out of his pen from Meg and was rushing around the stable with the other Mums to be like a mad thing. He was jumping up onto a bale of hay playing King of the Castle, like they do, a picture of health. What we didn't foresee, much like the fence post splitting, was by standing on the bale he could reach up to a piece of the baler twine that's so useful and serves so many purposes, in this case keeping the gate shut. He stuck his head through it, slipped off the bale and unable to lift his head out of the loop hung himself. We found him just as it was too late.
Look at the horse and think good things.

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