Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Growing fast

Its not just the pups that have doubled in size over the last seven days, Levi (above) and Barry and Joan (below) are almost ready to leave the sanctuary of the stable and head off into the hills. Their tails will be ringed over the next day or so, it makes them jump a bit but they soon forget about it and as they grow their tail drops off. All very painless and it means its easier to keep their backsides clean, a haven for maggots if they get too messy.
Ivor, Levi and Barry have no idea how lucky they are, not only are we not going to eat them they are going to keep their important bits so we can sell them on as Pedigree Ryeland Rams. Crispen will hopefully have done enough to ensure the survival of his line. He is getting fatter, still being mugged by Maggie every day but seemingly he is getting inside more calories than he needs once more and putting back on the weight he lost so rapidly early this year. This year we are going to rest our three original ewes, Rita, Roxie and Rosie and only letting Crispen lose on Easter and Springtime.
That's the plan. Lets hope the fences and gates can contain the beast.
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