Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sorry Kid

Its been on my mind how nicely the goats all get along. I mean no family friction at all amongst the two sisters June and Juliet, and Bravo, Juliet's daughter. Since they have arrived at Rock HQ these three have been inseparable and presented a united front to the magnificent seven should they be so bold as to venture within horns reach.

Even when Juliet gave birth to Aggie and Annabel, Bravo was non plussed and we would often find Bravo curled up with one of the new kids, or both Juliet and Bravo providing shelter and warmth for the little ones.

A bit of rivalry arose between June and Juliet so we split them up by putting a five bar gate down the centre of the stable and since Monday, the day the new arrivals finally did, all has been relatively quiet in the block.

Tonight a block war erupted.

For whatever reason Juliet decided that Bravo was old enough to fend for herself and expelled her from the herd. As the herd is contained in a 12 by 12 stable Bravo was unable to put any distance between herself and her now very aggressive Mum and was basically battered around the building while Tracey and I sought to separate the combatants and protect the little non combatants, Aggie and Annabel who were suddenly caught up in a very real fight. The video clip above was taken literally seconds before Juliet decided to launch her attack shows Annabel playing with Bravo. Order was restored when a very bewildered Bravo was removed to next door where she has spent the last few hours bleating for her Mum and exercising her authority over two confused Ryeland sheep who are due to give birth.

Juliet immediately settled to caring for the kids once Bravo was out of sight.

Families eh?

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