Monday, 14 May 2018

The Postman calls

 Bored with the jobs list yours truly took the boys for a stroll

 as despite the weather trying to prove otherwise it is spring and there should be lots to see in the flora and fauna stakes.
 The apprentice who had a camera for his birthday got down to some close up work
 while RRMK2 demonstrated how much he has grown recently by leaping over the style he normally has to be thrown over.
 Mrs Bear on the other paw still needs a helping paw with this one.
 They really enjoyed the fresh air although one of them looks like he having way too much fun.
 In the Oracles shed a parcel awaited so RRMK2 took charge and
 carried it long enough to be photographed before dropping it saying he did not want to be a postman. On the lane we met MBAOSPW and her favourite pony Will.I.Am out for a stroll.
 In the box? Why these magic shoes, red one go faster.
 Dinner was a fun affair with a who could make the muckyist sandwich or Muckywich competition.
The apprentice won...for now.

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