Monday, 14 May 2018

Catch up corner

 Like buses, no post for ages now a whole rack of them so stand by. Having held the 8 peaks challenge and with the markers still out there yours truly decided that it would be good to get them back again but this time with Keeef on our bikes hence the dayglo.
 We made the top, non stop, some kindly gent held the gate open for us at the entrance to the common, the gate where we would dismount and cry at only being half way up.
 After a mental 1 mile downhill section we parked the bikes in the Oracle's yard and headed up to Worzel summit
 and then hopped back on again to get to Old Radnor Hill summit which is less of a hill and summit thanks to the quarry digging it away. Here is Keef with the Bonsai Mountain in the background.
 Failing to photo Navages here is Herrock
 with Keef blocking out most of Rushock hill behind him and so on to Bradnor
 leaving only an even more insane downhill section before parking in Kington High Stree
 for a compulosry selfie and
 a look at the stats, 4 hours 35. Not bad. I did run it in 4.19 though.
 Rewards for doing so well.
 I did manage for fall off once (sepctacular over the bars style)  and luckily
 have the apprentice who wants to be a paramedic so has his own first aid kit.
He also helps RRMK2 in his quest to become a Mummy.

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