Monday, 21 May 2018

Bank Holiday

An extra day off is always good for the soul so yours truly set off on his mountain bike with Daz
with half a plan to cycle the 8 peaks but quicker
but Daz was not feeling the love
and on our 3rd hill we hit the eject button
which was just as well given my fence crossing skills were severely tested.
Daren made light work of it but failed the swamp crossing
having to waddle down the side gully.
Not too shabby.
Time saved by not cycling was spent at Not the Dilwyn show.
RRMK2 tried to look cool
and the apprentice failed also.
Yours truly found a cool motorbike
only because of its previous owner being Nick Mason, hes very famous.
Brain freeze.
Not a bad show and the weather was amazing. Its good to see the sun for such a long spell!

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