Monday, 14 May 2018

Still top dog

 I lose count of the number of dogs here at Rock HQ, there a lot. Perhaps 23. Here is Reuben taking 5 before dinner. His brother died today, Morgan, so sorry to hear that news from Nick and Wanda. We forget our Berners are so elderly, anything past 6 years is old for a Berner.
 We have a lot over that age, heres Reuben closest again with Mr Bear and Dotty from the first litter we had so they are nearly 10. Reuben a mere 8.
 This is Ripley, aged 6 and  a bit and totally refusing to ever have puppies which is what we had hoped for with Rocky
 talking of which
 Here he is, 11 years 7 months and still top dog.
We do have one small dog, Arfur. Arfur dog.

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