Monday, 14 May 2018

Red ones do go faster

 Inspired by Lil Bef doing the London Marathon so brilliantly and egged on by Wendy who showed me how to get a medal with a Spitfire on it for 10k of pain the time was right to put the theory to the test and find out if Red Trainers do go faster.
 Suitably attired
 with bike safely locked away
 we (me and the red ones, two of them) set off up the forest trail with the idea that a fat knacker staggering through the trees would not be so visible as one blowing his lungs out of his backside on the roadside.
 Sooner than expected yours truly reached the top.
 To head back don again, my forst just over 5km run is a long time.
Sub 36 mins for a first attempt, I'll take that :)

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