Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sunday summer funday

 Bright and early the Red Kite flag was flying
 and George was waiting for a new jockey.
 So the scene was set for another busy day in the sunshine, recruiting new foster carers and ignoring all the numpties who wandered over with questions about birds of prey.
 By the time Mrs Stable Sprite got to ride George around dishing out balloons an answer had been found to combat the dullards who confused fostering children with birdwatching. Tiger beer, no tigers, Boots? No boots. Red Kite Fostering, no ornithologist need apply.
 The police mascot ran amuck and had to be apprehended for potentially causing offence by being improperly dressed.
 I did manage to skive off for 10 minutes and found this company giving away scale models of its lorry which were just the same size as my ever increasing airfix collection so I got a few or 7.
I also found some horses that were more expensive than ours but easier to look after.
The show ended and we packed away, it took around 20 minutes to do this as the team rallied round and loaded Gerry. It then took 1 hour 23 minutes to drive 458 metres off the showground as every stallholder tried to get to the exit at the same time.

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