Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Family time

 Sunday was a happy day as rug rat mkII was Christened. Here he is with the apprentice ready to go and entertain the God botherers with their own rendition of the Lords prayer.
 A great big thank you to the Northern Contingent who braved a 450 mile journey to get here (start in Kent and come to Rock HQ via Durham and you get the idea) and who agreed to be Godparents.
 As did this happy couple who were kind enough to invite yours truly to their wedding last August (the one where I dressed as Superwoman, not my best look) The beardy tall one is also a Godfather. Another Godmother managed to avoid the camera but she had a hit single in the early 90's "Simply the best" so there's a clue.
It was also the day when the boys got to meet the tiniest human of our clan.
A very happy day and a big thank you to friends and family for making it so.

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