Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The great outdoors

I had to force myself to do the 10k training walk this evening as I really wanted to do some work in the garden, but time is running out to get some serious training in for The Great TODO so I put my boots on and set off up the hill. I was glad I did as one of the Welsh Mountain Ponies I have been keeping an eye on has given birth and had a very cute foal trotting round after her. They wouldn't let me or my walking companions any where near them, thanks to the zoom lens I got a pretty acceptable picture though.

I met a walker who asked what type of dogs I had with me, he believed me when I told him that the two Bernese Mountain Dogs were in fact large Welsh Collies. He patted Rocky thoughtfully and nodded sagely as he agreed they were bigger than the average for a collie. I don't think he believed me when I told him that Geisha, who for some unknown reason had decided to join me for the whole 10k, was a Venezuelan Sheep Dog.

He strode off muttering something about me thinking he was born yesterday.

He was right of course, shes not a Venezuelan Sheep dog, they are much taller and have pointed ears.
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