Wednesday, 10 July 2019


 Fair to say it was quite early when yours truly got up as today was going to be a good day.
 Naturally I had observers while I toiled
 to turn this yard space into a convivial space for a clan gathering.
 Flags were raised
 tapestries hung
 and guest arrived with presents of fine Argentinian wine
 and dogs, lots of them. Pups from way back when and recent times gathered for a walk, food and celebration of the life and times of the Dolyhir Clan.
 Reuben was a fine host
 and the guests were many, here Elea a fab Great Swiss that we have known since puppyhood reacquainted herself to the Clan members.
 But the real stars (if you can single any of these amazing dogs out) were Harvey Puppy Dog and Fizz, both from the first litter between Rocky and Reba. Have to admit to getting quite emotional over seeing these two, the brother and sister of Spotty, Bliss, Mr Bear and WooZah who now race around over the rainbow bridge with their parents.
Their owners swapped stories
 and then we set off on a low level walk to the river and back to work up an appetite.
 The apprentice showed his gymnastic skills
 while the dogs showed their wading skills.
 The kids joined in
 and much
 fun was had by all
 until heading back
 to Rock HQ
 while the dogs plodded on along the Clan trails
 with Fizz and Liz making sure
 everyone got back safely to the food!
 Of which there was quite a bit.

HPD and Fizz

So many thanks to everyone, to Marshal and his lovely owners, to Lunar and her fab people, to so many friends who took the time to bring back their dogs to Rock HQ for another lively and lovely day. We are so lucky to have met you all and to have shared part of your lives. Thank you all.

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Marshal's Handler said...

Definitely a day to remember, particularly the relaxed meeting of Clan members who enjoyed the meeting with fun and no argument! The regal presence of Reuben and the reunion of so many lively Golden Berners plus Harvey and Fizz (10 years old, from Rocky's first litter) was a credit to Clan's breed.Congratulations Tony and Tracey, and thank you.