Thursday, 11 July 2019

A day of contrast

 So the day started early doors with a low level patrol
 with the clan Patriarch, Reuben, to the river
 which he loved
 as did Holly
 trips up the Bonsai Mountain will resume once the hot weather subsides.
 Plenty of water stops ensured this old boy wasn't too stressed by his exertions.
 Much later…. as is tradition when attending such an event, a super hot Nandos was scoffed down with a bucket of ice cold diet fizz to alleviate the pain
 before finding our seats to prepare for something very special and very loud.
 Kiss were in concert and this was their final tour, ever.
 In every way this was a larger than life gig.
 Without doubt the best gig I have been to since seeing Pink Floyd 20 years ago.
 It had every heavy metal cliché you could shake a stick at
 with lights, lazers, flamethrowers, explosions, trapezes, hidden risers, crane and glitter, lots of glitter,
 To say it was loud would be an understatement
 and I spent the whole gig grinning.
 Strange to think that the men on stage in outrageous costumes and makeup were all septuagenarians
which probably explains their lack of regard for health and safety. Cue flamethrowers!

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