Monday, 8 July 2019

Getting up to date...almost

 So Apollo the wonder foal came back then left again along with Pronto, Will.I.Am. Trevor, Misty and the two donkeys Mork and Mindy. On the designated day that yours truly was to go up and over the hills and far away to gather up the naughty equines (or as many as the bucket of allure could entice) they came back. Wooohoo result.
 They did not return alone however, Supergrandma was on watch at HQ as we were expecting a repairperson to attend HQ to fix a tumble dryer that had steadfastly refused to work since January and 1 hour before the allotted time of arrival of man with van from Team Knowhow sprang back into life, so she phoned us at the Oasis (of calm) and cheerily informed us that H+4 had arrived.
 So under the watchful gaze of the clan yours truly separated the stayers from the soon to be chased out of the yard and as the stayers were in lover with the soon to be leavers and the soon to be leavers knew a free meal ticket when they saw one it was an exercise in patience and swearing. During one specific profanity laden explosion where the options and lifespan for a particular naughty horse was graphicly explained I turned to find Supergrandma stood behind me offering help.
 Talking of stayers here is one, he has come back to live with his bro's at HQ.
 Handsome dude .
 Not at all a poser.
 Took him approximately 45 seconds to settle in.
 Then we established the ground rules and routine, walks were taken but on a short lead.
 Introductions to the clan was delayed while he was acclimatised to the Bonsai Mountain.
 Now that he is well and truly acclimatised and obeys the no sofa rule to the letter its time to meet the clan.
So night falls over HQ and tomorrow he is in for one hell of a shock. Meet the Clan time will happen big time. Which will bring us up to date, almost.

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