Tuesday, 2 July 2019

New arrivals

 Older readers will remember pig club where yours truly spent his time feeding pigs, which grew from small pigs to big pigs which were then converted to ex pigs and then half were swapped for money and I got to keep my half in a freezer which inevitably broke down and ruined my sausages. Well luckily for these two porkers pig club is not being reinstated any time soon
 so Carole
 and Amanda are safe at the pig retirement home. Carole is the fat ugly one while Amanda is the smaller but devious pig similarly bashed with the ugly stick.
 Both love their Monday feast from the towns greengrocer and were stuffing in over ripe pears and assorted fruit and veg to their hearts content.
 The apprentice is learning the ways of smallholding and is old enough not to carry buckets of allure around.
 Naturally the pigs have a different life here than the one they were destined for and probably don't understand how their fate was intrinsically linked to an African Grey parrot called Ben. But that's another story.
Mind you its not something to pre occupy their thoughts while sleeping off a massive feast.

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