Sunday, 9 December 2018

Like clockwork

 The weekend was very hectic, as per usual, but this one required to the minute timing to get it done which is why early doors by torchlight (don't ask.....the lights in the kitchen went BANG and more on this saga later) the pups were bathed (read scraped clean)
 While they were drying off yours truly got on with the chores outside and pondered the merits of looking for the pot of gold at the end of this one
 and instead wondered how a horse had managed to crap on Stan's windscreen.
 Talking equine mid morning was spent catching the beasts and helping them have a manicure.
 Naturally where ever there are animals food is involved so the donkeys had to be kept occupied with tasty treats while the horses had their feet done.
 This little horror is Misty although its hard to tell
 as she has been stood at the feed ring under Pronto so his messy eating habits have
 done wonders for her hairdo.
 Will.I.Am was next and looked pretty magnificent while performing his balancing act.
 Back indoors the pups were ready for their parade.
 First off Alexandra went to Mark and Carrie in Cornwall.
 An hour later Freya and Beau took Thor to north Wales.
 A slight paws...get it?
 Aphrodite here went to Leeds with Chris, Stephanie and Layla but in all the tooing and froing yours truly forgot to take their pic.
 But fear not she left the building in good company.
 Leaving Sally to bond with Persia
which left us only the task of entertaining the electrician who came to fix the lights and then the Hi Fi repairman called to sort out the record deck. By early evening all we could do was muster the energy to watch strictly.

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