Monday, 17 December 2018

Auditions are open

 Mrs Bear has been the action Berner for a while now and due to her age faces retirement. The veteran of many a challenge and mountain since Spotty's demise this brave dog now has to face perhaps her toughest challenge, staying at home while yours truly takes to the hills in 2019's Wheely Big Challenge. Yes despite having wheels in the title its going to be on foot.
 Mrs Bear is still super active for a Berner, especially an old one, and she is helping me choose the right K9 for the role. There are quite a few to choose from here at Rock HQ and on today's jolly to the summit of the Bonsai Mountain some keen hopefuls were put through the opening audition.
 I would like to take a Berner but this big lad has the spacial awareness and manners of a Tasmanian devil on acid so any idea of him being in a mini bus for 480 miles with a team of exhausted amateur mountaineers would be foolish.
 Leading the field at this stage is Shadow a 1 year old Golden Berner (yes he's almost totally black despite the name) who has a lot going for him, stamina, brains, an ability to make himself very small and
Lets face it he is a handsome lad.

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