Thursday, 13 July 2017

Where's Marv?

 Convinved I knew where Marv the Marmot was hiding yours truly coerced a fellow mountaineer into getting up at 2am heading for the hills and
 looking for said rodent.
 Ours would be a micro adventure over before a well earned breakfast at the cafe by our office before a long days social work.
 It has to be said it was worth getting out of bed for to see the sunrise over the Brecon Beacons at 5am.
 That said, by 6am there was a relaisation
 that despite the topography matching the photo
 as we got closer to where I thought Marv was
 turns out he wasnt. Maybe they planted him further east was my only thought and they used a stock photo of the mountains we were on as a clue, not to be where you could see where the picture was taken but somewhere else. If you catch my drift.
 Anyways by 7.15 we had trekked 9 miles with two to go before a massive breakfast
 and Mrs Bear was dog tired but happy
 especially when we got back to the car, one that had been lent to me while they fixed Stan's canopy.
 Why any moron would let our tyres down is beyond me, but these morons exist and one had hence a very late show at work
 after being rescued by a nice young man called Joe who was passing and had a track pump in his car.
Further along we met Leon the nice AA man who put the valves back in our tyres as they should be and by lunchtime we had breakfast. And a story to tell. But no cuddly toy.

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