Monday, 24 July 2017

Getting sorted

 Things are getting "sorted" at Rock HQ, by that I mean being in less of a state of chaos than normal. Target for the day is the children's play area which they steadfastly refuse to stay in which is why it contains nothing other than neglected toys and a massive budlea badly spelt bush.
 The reason for the clear out is not a fresh attempt to contain the children but a need to rehouse some parrot type things that are going to go into soon to be aviary. That mass of green by the way is next years project, a pond. There is one there somewhere.
 The new aviary is currently a shed, invisible from view from the house so now you see why the chopping back of the badly spelt bush has taken place first.
 Apart for that the day followed its usual course with a trip up the bonsai mountain
 to enjoy the view
 with a collection of K9s.
And as we have no TV, lots of time to engage in being a nerd.

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