Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Preparation is the key...

 Living in such a great place its hardly surprising that yours truly gets out on his bike a lot. Or not. Having done 500 miles in 72 hours last year bike riding has sort of lost its appeal hence only riding 4 miles this year.
 But that was about to change as its the Kington Sportive run by the Lions and hosted by me, or Red Kite Fostering.
 Which is why with no preparation whatsoever yours truly set off on a blisteringly hot day for a jolly 100km ride around the steepest parts of Powys.
 Naturally I was joined by other idiots.
And so after 4 hours 30 minutes 100km ticked off, not necessarily the right 100km as an error on the map reading meant that had I continued along the right way I would have done 80 miles, I finished for the day and ate pies.

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