Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Time out!

 A new book and a different gin! Must be holiday time! Thanks to the monumental effort of one of our friends who moves in and takes over TFTR land we are able to get away safe in the knowledge that our critters will be fed and watered.
 This is our third visit to the same destination and as ever it was fab. Rug Rat MkII let us know in his own way that he likes carpets, Rock HQ has none for obvious reasons.
 Early doors first morning yours truly got reacquainted with the delights of mountain biking on the beach and woodlands.
 A quick spin out to the lighthouse was worth the effort
 and I expect the owner of this boat wished they had spent more time making sure it was tied up properly.
 RRMKII took carpet adoration to new heights and extended it to include rugs
 while the apprentice made use of his dad's new toy after a dip in the briny.
 Naturally it being a boys holiday it included lego
 adventure playgrounds
 and hoovers.
 Bikes featured prominently
 with everyone getting involved.
 Airfix kits clearly an important part of sunbathing.
 RRMKII proving he will be a keen cyclist.
 Looking like two old men the boys put the world to rights over a glass of lemonade.
 Miles of empty sand, one of the joys of this place.
 On a rainy day we found ourselves stepping back in time at a museum of Welsh Culture and Heritage where one of yours truly's favourite exhibits is a row of cottages all the same from way back when to
 the 1980's.
 But no matter how interesting it all was the boys liked this drain pipe best.
 Highlights included looking for pigs
 and the new Iron Age retro architected buildings
 with resident who was just fascinating to listen to.
 It is extraordinary to think that all the buildings on this plot were dismantled from their original location and then rebuilt exactly as they were here. Makes building airfix kits look puny.
 Here is Stan my new toy parked on his lonesome in the smallest car park in Wales.
 He sat there while we enjoyed the thrills of nature, like this sea holly.
 Unbelievably while we were gone he made friends with another of his kind but a civilian version. Small world innit.
 On that theme here we are when across the water miles away were some friends enjoying the summer sun (read wind and rain)
 Once again the beach was packed and it took us ages to find a space
 but we managed to enjoy ourselves despite the crowds.
 A new tea room has opened by the holiday house so we frequented this quite often where I learned how to keep my little pinkie extended whilst gulping down luke warm earl grey.
 A final trip out on the bike the last morning saw some bigger than usual obstacles on the trail.
In all a great family adventure and we said a sad farewell to the holiday house and hope that we can return next year!

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