Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Day 3 Highland Adventure.

 The start of another perfect day
 on the shore of Loch Nevis
 and for once the midges stayed away, this might be due to the fact that they were stuffed full from yesterday but more likely that in hot weather they shrivel up and die so they lurk in the undergrowth and pounce as you pass by.
 Every army marches on its stomach so a hearty feast for breakfast.
 Spotty made good use of the fresh water supply.
 The sights and sounds of this place are amazing, Moby looked splendid
 while the clear light and air flattered the Gypsy Rover.
 You get an idea of how big Moby is when beached next to the GR.
 As yesterday was full on exploring today was loaf around looking busy day and going oooh at the scenery
 or playing silly buggers with fishing floats
 until you are too tired to even sit properly.
 The scenery was everywhere today
 and some of the group found it all a bit overwhelming.
 Cameron Mackintosh has his own helicopter which did a fly by
 which was steadfastly ignored as no one likes a show off.
 As the day progressed the temperature rose so we cooled off in the crystal clear water
 or took to the kayaks under the ever watchful eye of a loyal Berner.
 Some needed more help than others
 but took to it like a duck to water.
 Ever watchful Spotty
 kept an eye on yours truly but refused
 any invitation to join in.
 A guest from 2 Para arrived and went up to inspect our handywork at Calgary
 while we took the leisurely option of a quick boat ride to
 fetch supper! A mighty haul of mackeral was caught, enough for two each
 which we then cooked on our favourite cook spot on a beach along the bay
 which is also my favourite spot to get a pic of the dog.
 All in stew was cooked
 and enjoyed to the sights and sounds of a another glorious sun set and midge flying display.
And so ended day 3.

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