Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Last orders please

 Like all good things, they have to end and as our Highland Adventure entered its final full day the weather broke. Clouds gathered, rain threatened
 and the sun tried to break through but was fighting a losing battle.
 Nothing could dampen our spirits though as we were heading for civilisation, or rather what passes for a town in these here parts
 Inverie which is only a short boat ride away and has its own pub!
 Obviously the photograph a tractor competition continued unabated
 with all of us looking for fresh angles in which to capture the subject.
 I forced a march to the monument which turned out not to be anything significant like a tribute to fallen heroes or downed air crews, no it was a vanity project for some rich git who missed his mum and dad and had the money or power to create this huge monument to them
 commanding the entrance to two Glens, the one on the right was last years expedition route, the one on the left is going to be the subject of next years man test. More to be revealed on that one later.
 So happy all walking, save for the trek back, was now done the pub beckoned.
 Or rather it didnt. The surly land lord who would give all people from Belgium a bad name and who's widely known antics towards paying customers makes Basil Fawlty look professional, refused to open and serve beers to the throngs waiting. I made this walkers day by giving him my lunch, a bacon, sausage and tomato sandwich. As I don't eat meat now that was no real loss to me but made his day. I met one forlorn couple on their 3rd trip in as many years who had never been able to get served.
 Unable to find any other source of refreshment we made back for the boat where 8 out of 10 vehicles were Land Rovers. There are only 8 miles of tarmac in this area of the UK so big 4 wheel drives are a necessity.
 Spotty braved the worsening weather while
 we caught supper.
The extra high tide meant Moby was now afloat. An evening of prizes and fish suppers followed, I got the prize for organising the best ever Scotland trip. I also have a nick name from the group of Bumpsie Daisy, which I much prefer over Upsie and Whoopsie my colleagues. Early nights for all as tomorrow the long trek south begins.

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