Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Slow Slow quick quick Slow

 Slow is the word that springs to mind over the kitchen rebuild, the electrics which at best at HQ are dangerous are creating no end of problems for the Steve tasked to fix it and as this has slowed him down it inevitably slows the rest of us down to snails pace or worse.
 Day 10 and we still have no cookers, no water and no sink, so washing up is being done in the bath and food is take away on toast, hot or cold depending on the time of day.
 In an effort to rid myself of the excess calories from deep fried foods I cycled 30 miles before breakfast and in the evening went for a stroll to the top of the Bonsai Mountain.
 Sharing this trek were the three big lads, Rocky, Spotty and Thunderpaws
 who is getting fitter but is a long way off being an action Berner.
Once the bath was emptied of dirty cups yours truly decided to the best use of his time was spent making plastic models, two M3 halftracks, Americans for the use of.

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