Monday, 4 April 2016

Having a smashing weekend!

 Once the disappointment at not being well enough to go for a curry on my birthday had worn off the rest of the weekend was put to good use by smashing up what was left of the kitchen.
 This proved to take a lot longer than the sledgehammer had allowed for thanks to the nice man who built the kitchens eclectic construction techniques, he was to carpentry what Trump is to gender equality, useless.
 Here is a typical bodge with secret coded message on it, each piece has as many angle irons screwed in on the outsides and buried under three inches of concrete. Finally like yours truly's patience the screws snapped under relentless pressure from a lump hammer and order was restored.
 Meanwhile distractions aplenty ensued, such as pull the bits of Play-Doh out of hair, dog, small child's nose/ear/mouth, dogs mouth/ear/nose, TV remote, keyholes, phone, shoe and finally scrape remaining bits off floor.
I did manage to bag an hours cutting and glueing for myself and my German Paratroop Company is now all assembled, all different. Now they just need painting which is why its a good job there's no jobs to be done...oh.

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