Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Dark skies

 The problem with big jobs is that it can take a lot longer than you think, particularly when you are reliant on trades to come and do stuff that you lack time, motivation and essential skills to complete. Combine the need to rewire, re-plumb and re fit kitchen into just one corner and pretty soon tempers fray (mine especially) and so we find yours truly cooling off in a sudden hailstorm whilst exercising the dogs. The days major issue and so no progress, no cooker, no water, no electric kitchen was that in that one corner there lurks an arcane stop cock, a pretty useful item if the water supply needs switching off. Its location mean that the corner units of  to-be-fitted-kitchen (like a fitted kitchen but the primary difference is that the majority of this one is still in boxes in the dining room) would not fit unless a massive great hole was cut into it. As the sparky was still cutting holes in the walls of the same corner the kitchen fitter decided that enough was enough and went home until the sparky had stopped wrecking everything and a plumber could be found to move errant stop cock. One was found at 5.15 and he readily set about moving everything to where it should be, or rather to where the sparky told him to put it. Yours truly just nodded sagely and cleared the moths out of my beautiful and oh so patient wife's purse in the hope of finding enough money to pay for the additional trade, who's bill, judging by the size of the intake of breath when told what was required, was going to be massive. But within the hour the nasty stop cock had been removed and nice shiny new bits were in place and the sun set on what was now a fantastic day as now the three trades were clear of each other and each could work on their own bit of the big project without tripping over each other and by the end of the week I will have a nice new fully functional rewired kitchen with hot and cold running worktops.
Which is just as well as the lack of cooking has not gone unnoticed, here we see rug rat mkII doing his very best Oliver Twist in the vain hope his father will magic some food out of the void that was the kitchen.

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