Wednesday, 13 April 2016

All systems go...almost

 After much faffing about and lots of swearing things have gradually come together and an almost fully functional kitchen is now where the devastation of the old one hung out. Naturally any job at HQ is closely supervised by the Berners, here we see Rocky helping out with tool management.
 While Spotty stands guard over the cooker ensuring the electrician does not leave until its wired into the rest of the house.
Which meant by Sunday morning when the electrician finally escaped we were able to bake a celebratory breakfast of raisin croissants. Rumours that the apprentice has been told that this is the new TV are entirely false. 
Now all that remains, nearly all that remains, is the tiling which includes replacing the floor. However after a couple of people have said how nice the floor looks there is an idea that the floor will remain as is but with a bit of TLC and lots of polish. Watch this space!

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