Thursday, 18 February 2016

Thats puntastic!

 With large amounts of the floorboards reduced to dust, and it being the first non windy sunny day since I bought a roof for the stables, yours truly left the dusty interior of the cottage for the lofty heights of the equines home.
 Here we can see Rocky looking for me, I'm on the Wrooof!
 In no time at all, well four hours, the roof was off and half the new one was on
 the clear blue skies making the torment of close encounters with spiders and the ever present danger of gravity just about bearable.
 Thankfully some of the time I was stood on something more substantial than a ropey ladder. Rocky also tried to join me at this point.
 So as the sun set on yet another job
 almost complete, two more sections to go. The fact that I've only got one section left is a mere technicality.
Which was one of the things I thought about on tonight's 10k.

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