Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Its been a long day

 For various reasons yours truly suffered a severe bout of insomnia last night, or to be more accurate, this morning, and having watched the clock from 00.35am to 2.15am with no indication whatsoever that the Sandman would come I decided on using the two hours more productively.
 Which is why I could be found out on the ridge wearing my anti zombie socks and jacket, carrying pepper spray to deal with werewolves or trolls that got too inquisitive, posing by the Whetstone, who, unlike legend has it, had not wandered off into town for a drink, but remained steadfast and rock like where its always been.
 The one horse town's horse was sensibly tucked away in his bed while I completed my trek to Red Kite Fostering's offices (avoiding the graveyard route I normally take) to collect my bike. I quick change from mountain gear to mountain bike apparel and I was off, heading back to Rock HQ where I managed to get 45 mins horizontal time before the main tasks of the day.
 Unlike other people who take time off in the half term to take their kiddies to zoos (and hopefully bring them back) yours truly was tasked to return the oak floor of the cottage back to its former glory. The glory before 10 years of mountain dogs, mountain boots, ponies, goats, two small children and all sorts of food, crayons, chalk, bike oil and dog wee had tarnished. Instead of being a nice light oak colour it was now a horrid brown.
 Queue Mk1 Noisemachine designed to turn nasty grubby floors into shining new ones by taking several layers of wood off. As many of our floor boards were various stages of uneven this Noisemachine was sorely tested. As were the supply of 100 sand paper belts that it came with, many of which just disintegrated seconds after the five minutes spent fitting.
 Despite such bothersome setbacks within hours several pounds of dust had been extracted from the floor and evenly distributed across the rest of the cottage. Prudent use of dust sheets saved many areas but the kitchen copped the fall out as did all my beautiful and oh so patient wife's clean washing.
 So whilst progress has definatgely been made yours truly has hios work cut out to get the job done by tomorrow, as well as all the washing.
 But at least the floors clean. For now. In places.

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