Thursday, 5 November 2015

They're always looking at'cha!

 So on today's dawn patrol yours truly spotted a scale model of the hills behind constructed entirely out of sawn timber alongside a newly constructed road.
 There are a number of huge machines lurking in our wilderness who's sole purpose is to tear the life out of the forest.
 Which is a shame as it is particularly pictureskew at this time of year with the deciduous displays offset by the stark evergreens. Ahem. I did listen in biology lessons after all.
 And as yours truly wandered feeling not alone, well with three massive dogs by my side (read under my feet) how could I be
 but along the trails there was a sense of being watched and at one point
 around here a definite smell of tobacco, but no sign of life
 well none that yours truly could see
 but the dogs saw different
and WooZah could definitely see someone/thing.
 And there it was, a clear message from the fairy folk. They are watching.
 Leave the trees alone.
Meanwhile formation feeding frenzy from The Runner Duck Company.