Thursday, 26 November 2015

Reasons to be cheerful part two

 Bryn is happy as Larry having learned to get on the sofa he is finding it is a situation he can exploit due to the Berners being somewhat occupied by the new arrivals.
 Normality is returning bit by bit and a patrol was launched yesterday morning with the Rockmeister leading the way, this after being violated by the vet because of constipation.
 We found one of our trees had been rearranged by the recent high winds so another job has been added to the list, along with fixing the fence.
 The Christmas crackers are doubling in size, still under 24 hour watch so yours truly is learning to get by on even less sleep than normal sleeping when the pups do.
 They are looking more like Berners every day.
 Bryn is trying to win the cute wars but he has his work cut out.
 Black Friday caused a momentary lack of reason and yours truly's plastic addiction got a new fix from the realm of Airfix, the defence of normally £25 reduced to a fiver cut no ice with my beautiful and oh so patient wife, neither did my assertion that the huge box delivered by a not Steve courier called Alf (who wanted to know if the box was for a little boy to be told by MBAOSPW that a great big boy was the recipient) that the box would be mainly packaging.
So tonight another shift by the whelping box. But a really big reason to be cheerful is my dissertation is finished. Nearly. Just needs editing. Quite a bit of editing . But it is written.

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margeaux said...

congrats 👍 think the big box as as reward!