Friday, 30 January 2015

Whats happening?

The usual predawn amble, saw the sun rise
the way home
and the view from the front door.
Then the fun started. Chester's breakfast was left unattended by yours truly for 35 seconds (while I took a picture of the vista two pics up0 so was pounced on by the rampaging Ryelands who claim any unattended calories as their own and despite Reubens best effort to dissuade them from eating by urinating on it (and them, well those who were not quick enough) continued to to steal the now furiously offended equine's breakfast who then made his feelings known by smashing £14.99 worth of plastic buckets in his stall.
Meanwhile at the side of HQ I have cleared a workspace on the heli-pad for some major changes about to happen. Well not about to, it will take some time to complete, but save this pic and join all subsequent pics together and you will have a time lapse sequence of what's happening and it will look like it happened really quickly. Or you could fast forward 3 weeks and see the end result.

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