Thursday, 22 January 2015

Red ones go faster

 Not sure what this is, apart from a red BMX, perhaps more accurately, not sure what this is doing here, here being my office wall. Bit more placed than dumped, but methinks this has been dumped as it was not claimed all day. Just in case it was nicked and the nicker returned I parked my steed in full view of my desk so that at least I could watch it being stolen.
 As it happens it wasnt and the little red one stayed where it was left unclaimed all day. I did a short day today as work was going on back at the ranch. Some eeeejit caused mayhem for a while by parking their car across our gateway to the world. This nearly caused our 60 bales of hay to be unloaded in the yard of The Oracle but somehow the delivery driver retained his sense of humour and negotiated an impossible turn into our lane.
The hay was unloaded and stored away ready for the equines to turn it from nice meadow hay to something more unsavoury. The pile of which is ever growing and by nightfall this mountain had twin peaks.

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