Friday, 14 February 2014

In too deep

Miranda has sunk deeper into the mire, I tried to rescue her by myself before work along with famous last words of of course I don't need two people, I did manage to dig out two wheels, get planks and dog mats (not made from real dogs) to assist in grip but the end result saw me climbing out of the passenger side as the drivers door is now part of the fence.
Paid work saw me travel many miles over several snow covered mountains to get to the real alternative to work, a meeting, I only just made it as a tree blocked the main road, it was passable by driving over someones lawn and I got through just as the police arrived to calm things down. Someone with a chainsaw cleared the mess by home time.
The metal work for the Swiss Chalet Kennel Block has arrived, kind of. Its down by the gateway to the world, dumped by the driver, so I am now faced with the task of carrying each 2 metre metal section 4 tenths of a mile uphill, theres only 11 so its not much a man test.
Tomorrow where I am stood will be concrete.


Jeremy Fisher said...

Better day today!!
So bought Turbo trainer from Halfords as guaranteed to work with mountain bike tyres [complete with some sort of magic roller that gripped them better]. Found that rear tyre was rubbing on trainer frame and no amount of adjustment helped. Back to Halfords, very sorry, been a problem in the past [so why say it fits everything??]. Only cure smaller circumference tyre. Chose tyre, asked them to fit it - "that'll be £9 please"!! "you must be joking"!
Outcome = tyre fitted free [I ended up having to show Halford's bike mechanic how to fit it after he had broken one tyre lever] and they gave me both the tyre and tube free. All's well that ends well I hope. And just as I finally got it all sorted, the sun came out and I didn't need the trainer anyway [until the next time!].

Anonymous said...

I can lend you my hand winch if it helps Tony, and you are down this way.

A firm anchor point (a neighbours tree is ideal!) and it will haul Miranda out with abosolutely no problems and minimum effort.

Anonymous said...

PS, that was from JJ!