Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Not that clean

Hetty, our recently traumatised Dexter, is getting very tame and will now follow you around the pen, provided you are not wearing a hoody and baseball cap, and allow you to pat her or give her a back scratch while she eats. Her best friend is Ambrose, a jaffa Old English Goat (jaffa because he is small and seedless) who had no choice in the matter regarding this relationship, he was either her best friend or a Caribbean curry after breaching the defences of the garden for the last time.

Given that he lives in close confinement to a large beast who produces 60 litres or so of green muck every day we have marvelled at how the pint size goat has remained so remarkably clean. I mean I got plastered on one side after a near miss in the doorway on Monday, so how does he who lives under threat of constant shower stay so clean. The answer came when Tracey took a friend to see Hetty and top up the haylege pile whilst there.

Ambrose was backed up in the corner by the water butt as Hetty, who has an unfeasibly large tongue was licking him clean. Aside from the expression on his face, akin to that of a small child having his face rubbed clean by his mother who has just licked a tissue and is determined to remove every trace of grime from her offspring, Ambrose seemed remarkably happy about this attention. He even lifted his head so Hetty could clean right under his chin. So in fact he not clean, hes just covered in spit.
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