Friday, 21 November 2008

Personality Transplant

Nature abhors a vacuum, a position held by Aristotle, and later Galileo in their efforts to find a fitting explanation for the operation of hand primed water pumps. Obviously these boffins of days gone by had little to occupy their time, like TV, stamp collecting or trainspotting and their idea of a good night in was fiddling with their water pumps and pondering why water filled the space where once there was air.
This phrase may also be used to explain why now, when the goats are carefully shut away so I can navigate through a sea of treacherous mud laden with animal foodstuffs unhindered I suddenly find myself tripping over, getting jumped on by and other ways annoyed by a a very bothersome sheep who until this moment in time has done little to try my patience. Quite why she has had a personality transplant is beyond me but Meg the Suffolk Cross is doing her best to be voted "Most likely candidate for Mr Whirlpool" (the freezer!)with her current behaviour.
So determined is she to be the first to sample the bucketfuls of the feed mills best offerings she has taken to guarding the gate so that from the moment I step out of the front door she can harass me.

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