Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Well done team....

 Its pretty hot at Rock HQ, not really the day for big jobs, more a day that you should hang out with good people
 and cool off.
 But before that could happen yours truly had a big job to do and after a careful search of the slopes of the bonsai mountain yours truly found just what he was looking for for the next big job. These steel gates were just where I left them in 2006.
 They took a bit of digging out and so the dog watchers found things to keep themselves occupied whole yours truly avoided severing limbs with a very sharp cutting thing on a stick.
 Now these gates weigh a ton, at least so Stan came to the rescue and hauled the metal monster up the track to almost the right place. Its probably because Stan is often asked to perform herculean tasks that his rear spring broke and he is currently awaiting a medic to arrive with replacements. Thank god of 7 year warranties for replacement bits.

 So while I waited for said bits and help in moving metal monster I toyed with the idea of the next massive challenge which may or may not involve a unicycle....
 Right, back in the real world the cooler evening saw yours truly posing with like minded people wirh keen dress sense to celebrate the fact that we had raised enough money to send 5 schools in boxes to places they are needed most. Hence the pic for publicity purposes.
 Naturally we had to have a great bar b que which was laid on by the most expert bike mechanic
and a truly magnificent diet pudding. Well done team.

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