Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Water surprise

 Unless you have an uncanny knack of finding your own supply like Bryn here one of the more tedious and constant jobs at Rock HQ is fetching large amounts of water to thirsty critters. Its during this task that you discover another rule of smallholding, that of you spill more than you can carry. This is assisted by Bernese Mountain Dogs who have a special talent for crashing into the buckets you are diligently trying to keep upright.
 Fetching water is more tedious than mucking out
 and while I would love to spend my time lounging around like the majority
 I knew that after a fairly decent first breakfast something had to be done.
 So armed with the entire repertoire of tools at my disposal yours truly set about ending the water shortage.
 Now that RRMK2 is old enough to hold stuff and fetch and carry he was pressed into service
 and pretty soon the wrong sized plastic container became
 the just the right sized plastic container.
 The a deft drilling session put two exactly the right sized holes in exactly the right places
 which was when Arfur dog was busted for being the wrong side of the fence and so technically in the jurisdiction of the Militia and subject to capital punishment but they missed him....sigh...
 the final bits of the puzzle were assembled
 under the watchful eye of the dog squad Elf and Ripley
 and with a bit of larking about (RRMK2 missed this fun bit of making dams and playing in water as he has the concentration span of a gnat and was now playing ballerinas on the runway)
 the water or lack of water problem for the ever so thirsty equines
 was solved! Hey presto no need to carry 8x buckets of water per horse as they need to drink 4x buckets a day and you can guarantee 4 will be spilled per horse either on the way or by the less than clever pony.
 Now you might be wondering, hey, what was that second pipe for.... well....
thanks to the appliance of science the now abundant water supply for the equines meant that there was some surplus and this filled a container for the lazy fat pigs Carole and Amanda which in turn then gave some surplus and created said lazy fat pigs a nice cool wallow.

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